Our Story

           One day, during a high school History class, Cored Co-founders Sonia Schmidt and Olivia Hernandez found themselves angered by the inconsistency in the idea that members of their generation are expected to keep informed about current events when there is an extreme lack of compelling news sources accessible to them. When they came to Editor in Chief Kayla Hewitt with the idea, the three collaborated, brainstorming the best way to distribute simple, readable, and accurate news. Soon the idea spiraled and together, living in the DC Metro Area, the three developed this site, keen on creating a resource for those looking to discover their political identities. Here is our brain baby, treat it well... and Welcome to the Orchard...

Olivia Hernandez

Co-Founder, Writer, Website & Content Editor, and Queen of Commas

OH is still finding where she fits in politics. Her beliefs fall into several ideologies, leaving her open minded about the different perspectives of the world. Her passions include learning about various cultures, polishing the visual elements of the site, and making sure content is perfected down to the last comma. 

For Business Inquiries contact us at team@corednews.com