What is Cored News? 

Cored News is news reporting website that is designed to offer the reader short insights into current events every day. The hope is that over time, if you keep up with our daily bites, you will feel more secure in your understanding of current events. As a result, we hope these insights will help inspire the formation of your own cultural and political beliefs. 

How do you deal with bias? 

Because providing concise, accurate, and factual information is very important to us, we try our best to exclude bias towards any side. Obviously that is easier said than done, especially because we try to incorporate humor into our articles.  However, we admit that we are human, and our bias does show on occasion. That is why we encourage the reader to look into the author of the bite (the initials of the author are linked the the author's bio) in order to correctly identify which way they tend to lean. It should be noted that we openly support the idea of being open-minded and accepting towards all perspectives and world views.  

What is a "bite"?

A "bite" is a short article designed to offer you a breakdown of the essential parts, or "core" of the story. Each bite is formatted in such a way that you will read about where the problem stems from, what the core of the issue is, how people are reacting to the issue, and what the issue could potentially lead to in the future. Within each bite you will find the themes above discussed under the seeds, core, skin, and leaves respectively. 

What are "seeds"?

The purpose of the "seeds" are to provide any background information necessary to understand the problem. Essentially, the "seeds" explain where the problem stems from (no pun intended). 

What is the "core"?

The "core" outlines the meat of the issue and the details of the problem/topic.

What is the "skin"?

The "skin" offers the differing opinions held by the general public about the issue, how the media is portraying the issue, or how the issue is relevant in today's society.  

What are the "leaves"?

The "leaves" explore how the issue can potentially affect our future. Also, it should be noted that potential bias can be found in the leaves due to everyone's inability to foretell what will really happen. All we can offer are our insights and predictions.   

Why do you sign your news articles in initials instead of full names?

We believe strongly that news should be about disseminating accurate information. Period. We don't think that there should be focus on curating individual fame. If someone really wants to know who our writers are and where they stand on issues, they can find our bios on the About Us page. Our goal is to help you find your opinion, not tell you how great we are for having our own. 

Why should I come back? 

Hopefully by the time you leave this site you will have laughed, (or at least chuckled?)  and maybe even learned something about politics or your own political ideology. 

Are you even journalists? 

We are in no way journalists, just students who are passionate about current events. Essentially, we do the digging, so that you can do the reaping and learn the most important bits about current events that you need to know. 

Are all these photos/cartoons yours? 

No! None of the images are ours unless specified as such. Underneath each image you will see a link to the website where we found the image, with the direct name of the source. 

For any further questions, email us at corednews@gmail.com.