Miseducation: The Elephant in the Room

By Kayla Hewitt

We live in an age where mainstream media news coverage has stripped the complicated issues we face of their complexity, shrinking them down until they fit into neat little sound bites and mini debates to be held in between commercial breaks. The reality of the matter is that these issues never have and will never be simple, and consequently, our solutions to these issues will never be as simple and easy as politicians on the campaign trail would have us believe.

I don’t have to question the morals, or the intelligence, or the overall humanity of Trump supporters, because they are all individuals with their own personal reasons for supporting Trump. However, I do have to question their political thought process. Because whether or not they agree with what Trump has to say, if they can look at a man who believes in banning an entire religious group from a country that prides itself on being the world’s melting pot, (an idea that without most of us wouldn’t even be here), who encourages violence at his rallies, hesitates when condemning a known white supremacist, or questions the judicial prowess of a man simply because of his ethnic heritage, and still say I want that man to be the leader of the free world, there is some sort of disconnect.

And those things aren’t even the real reason that I have to question them, that would be their willingness to blindly follow a man who's headlining policies are not only fiscally irresponsible, but also fiscally impossible. Trump’s policies do not make rational sense, but he has been able to sell them to thousands of people because he knows how to feed into America’s anxiety. I have yet to hear an argument in support of Trump that isn’t steeped in prejudice and most of all, fear. Fear of progress, fear of the “lesser”, and fear of the other. And yes, fear is part of what makes us human, but we have to use factual evidence and reasoning to approach our fears with rationality.

And just to be clear, miseducation does not only apply to the supporters of far right wing candidates, but to far left ones as well. I’m looking at you, Bernie Sanders. I want Cored News readers to know that as cool as not having to pay for college tuition and “Feeling the Bern” sound, the former is as unrealistic as building “The Wall” and, in reality, the latter sounds like you need to go to the doctor and get that checked out.

It is this kind of simplification that aids the miseducation of the general population. However, there is a ray a hope in all of this for us, the younger generation. The average viewer of CNN and Fox News is in their sixties. While our parents and grandparents are continuously blasted with the extraordinary bias of the 24 hour news cycle, we have the power to see and read about points of view that both align with and contradict our own. We have an opportunity to formulate our political opinions on a foundation of facts, making us less likely to fall victim to the empty rhetoric of politicians. This is the very reason that I believe in the mission of Cored News and other sites like it. As a generation we have the power to completely change the future political landscape of America, but it’s not gonna happen without finding the proper channels to attain our information.

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