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Here you will find quizzes, links, infographics and more to help you figure out where you fall on the political spectrum and how you feel about certain issues. We will give you the hard facts, with everything from how close your annual income is to the top %1, to how much national debt we are incurring every day. 

Political Identity Information

I Side With is a website dedicated to offering polls on hot-topic issues. They also have a lengthy quiz that helps you discover the political party you identify with and which presidential candidate advocates for your beliefs the most. If you want specific descriptions of your political and ethical belief system, this is the place to go. 

       Cored Tip! Be sure to click the "Show more questions" and "Other stances" buttons to get the most accurate results.

Another quiz to match you to your ideal political candidate can be found at CNNpolitics. It has pleasing graphics and is quite quick.


Demographic Information

Curious about the US economic situation? Here is a running representation of our national debt. 

Want to know how close to the top %1 you are? 

Want to know how your county measures up next to others in the US? 

How about segregation in some of the US's biggest cities? 

A map of poverty in the US? 

Try your hand at fixing the budget

Live Feed of the Senate to see bills being argued for!

Find your state's Congressman

Voting Information

Our article about how to vote and what to expect when you get to your polling station.